10 Habits That Better Prepare You for a Disaster or Emergency

These 10 simple behaviors are easy to incorporate into your day. They can make a difference in your survival, your comfort and your resilience, your ability to bounce back when an emergency or disaster strike. 1. Bring Your Jacket: Carry outerwear that will keep you safe and comfortable outdoors for the next 48 hours. You may end up outside for days and nights with what you have with you. Hypothermia is a real danger when you are cold and wet. It does not require extreme col

The Gifts in a Disaster

Everything that has ever happened to you, large and small, painful and joyful, crafted you into the amazing person you are today. Without any one of those events, you would be different. Everything is a gift. A disaster, even today’s COVID 19 medical and economic disaster, is a gift. A disaster is an event that overwhelms the resources needed to respond to it. It is relatively unexpected. It endangers lives, property and/or the environment. A disaster can be worldwide, region

Improve Your Readiness. Improve Your Resilience.

What is up with the hording of toilet paper, bottled water, bread and hand sanitizer? It isn't quite the right stuff, but at least they will have water and toilet paper when the (Insert Disaster Here) hits. This is a teachable moment in disaster education. Most of us got caught unprepared: no extras on hand, no emergency stash, no savings, no plan, no measures to keep emotionally safe and no idea what we should have on hand for sheltering in place. Most of us were caught emot